Grant Writing

5 Tips to Successful Grant Proposal Writing

Applying for grants and writing the proposal can be an intimidating process. Here are five tips which can help you get through the process a little easier.

Grant Readiness: When the Nonprofit Thinks It’s Ready

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that nonprofits must do before even submitting the first grant proposal. Here’s an example of what happens when a potential client is far from ready.

Top 4 Things That Frustrate Grant Writers About Grant Applications

I’m sure there is a reason for every grant maker’s requirement, no matter how opaque that reason might be for those of us on the grant seeking side. Sometimes, frankly, it’s just a matter of being overworked, under pressure and working with limited resources. But grant writers frequently wear more than one hat at a nonprofit, too, which puts limitations on their time.

7 Tips to Write Like a Reporter When Grant Application Space Is Limited

Storytelling is an effective way to persuade a funder to award your organization a grant. It communicates a need, offers a solution, and presents an opportunity for someone to help by making a financial contribution. However, most grant applications aren’t long on space so how do you tell a great story to a grant maker when space is limited?