How to Apply for a Federal Grant | Video

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  • March 28, 2013 2:28 pm
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In this video from The Grantsmanship Center, Director Barbara Floersch explains how to understand Federal grant application guidelines.

There are eight general categories of information that make up a grant proposal. They are:

1 – Summary – Snapshot of the entire proposal
2 – Introduction of the applicant organization – Your organization and its credibility
3 – The Problem – What concerns your organization and why it wants a grant
4 – Program Outcomes – How the problem will change because of your program
5 – Methods – What your organization will do to produce outcomes
6 – Evaluation Plan – How you will assess implementation and determine impact
7 – Future Support – How you will continue the program after the grant runs out
8 – Budget – Detailed estimate of expenses and other resources required

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