Sources of Grant Money

Grant money comes from both public and private sources.

Grant Money from Private Sources

Private Foundations - Businesses and families that want to conduct charitable giving form private foundations to award grant money.  There are thousands of family foundations throughout the United States. Most family foundations concentrate on giving grants to nonprofit organizations in their local community.

National retail corporations such as Target and WalMart have charitable giving programs. Manufacturers, grocery stores and other large businesses often award grants.   Think of the businesses in your community.  Go online and check their websites or call them and find out if they have grant money available that your organization can apply for.

Community Foundations – Community foundations serve as grantmakers in their community.  They pool money from various sources and award grants to local and regional nonprofits.   Contact your local community foundation to find out what sort of grants it awards.  Community foundations usually also provide guidance and training in the grants application process.

Public Sources of Grant Money

Governments – Federal, State and local governments are all potential sources of grant funding.  Visit the websites the Federal Government as well as for your State and City Government to find grant opportunities.


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