Grant Training Center

Grant Training Center

Experts in Grant Training and Strategic Grant Development

The Grant Training Center has helped institutions of higher education, K-12 schools, non-profit organizations, foundations, government agencies, educators, researchers, and professionals from various agencies succeed amid the complexities and rapid change of the grant writing world. We are proud of our tradition of integrity, expertise, and creative approach to grant training. Today, more than ever, the difficult economic times in our institutions are creating new opportunities and posing daunting new challenges for the public sector and the non-profit world. The Grant Training Center enters its next decade blessed with a talented and tested team of experts to assist clients in writing winning proposals that lead to the innovations of tomorrow, survive potential challenges or crises and serve the beneficiaries that will most benefit from the funding.

The Center’s clients include U.S. and international colleges and universities, K-12 institutions, non-profit organizations, state and federal agencies, faculty, researchers, teachers and public safety professionals. Much of our work is focused on training at the various levels of proposal writing, strategic planning for external giving in the United States and Canada. However, we have worked on similar matters in other parts of the world including the European Union, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our experience is based not only on the hundreds of grants that our clients have received, but also on our depth of involvement in assisting our graduates with their grant submissions. This has distinguished GTC with over 58% success rates of winning grants.

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