Grant Writing Certification Program from Fort Hays State University

Grant Writing Certification Program from Fort Hays State University

Gain a Competitive Edge with an Eight-Week University Grant Writing Certification Program
No Travel Required. $175 program fee.

With difficult economic times impacting budgets, many non-profits, governmental agencies and community organizations are writing increasingly competitive grant proposals to help provide valuable services to people and enhance their infrastructure.

Whether you have no grant writing experience, have written a few small grants or contributed to major grant proposals, systematic grant writing training adds depth to your professional skills and can make you a more valuable asset to your organization. Best of all, when your proposals are funded, you will be helping your community and the people served by your organization.

Fort Hays State University offers you an affordable, two-month grant writing course that requires no time away from home or work.

Benefits of the Eight-Week Grants Training Program

Designed for busy, motivated people.
Perhaps you don’t have the luxury of attending a grant writing seminar or taking classes, yet you’re looking to gain skills to help your organization or community. Complete this eight-week course from the convenience of your home or office. While you will have to invest time and effort in the class, you won’t have to be away from work, your family or other obligations.

No fluff in this training.
Get the comprehensive knowledge and skills you need to make an impact. This course involves thorough training in grant proposal writing, representing the core principles for writing small and large proposals to both public and private funding sources.

Long enough to make an impact.
While most grant writing seminars only last a day or two, the eight-week format gives you more time to soak up the information, reflect on what you’re learning and ask your professor questions.

Learn from a seasoned grant writer and instructor.
Dr. Keith Campbell has been teaching grant writing courses at Fort Hays State University for over 20 years and continues to be an active and successful grant writer, securing millions for a variety of clients.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of classmates.
Through the use of Blackboard, the online classroom system, interact with other students as you post progress, make comments and ask questions.

Budget conscious.
For $175, which includes the cost of the 100-page instruction manual as well as a training video, gain a time-tested blueprint for successful grant writing. Also, earn10 CEUs for completing the training.

Offered three times a year.

Description of the Eight-Week Grants Training Program

This is an introduction to  the grant proposal writing course, although several highly experienced proposal writers have found great value in our course as a review and refresher course. The areas of focus will be the key parts of the most sophisticated type of proposals: title page, abstract, statement of need, goal, objectives, procedures, budget, qualifications, evaluation, sustainability, dissemination, sources cited, and appendix.

During this course, you will:

  1. Study a 100-page training manual developed specifically for this course.
  2. Watch videos of the instructor discussing the most important points in the manual.
  3. Answer study questions.
  4. Prepare parts of a fictitious proposal.
  5. Interact with other students.
  6. Receive several weekly notes from the instructor about grant proposal writing.
  7. Ask the instructor questions by phone before you take the certification test.
  8. Take the certification test online.

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