The Grantsmanship Training Center

The Grantsmanship Training Center

The Grantsmanship Center® was founded in 1972 by Norton J. Kiritz to offer grantsmanship training to nonprofit and government agencies. Before this time, no such training existed and small organizations often lacked the skills to compete for grant opportunities. The Center began as a local project in Los Angeles, but as word of its alumni’s successes spread, demand for trainings rapidly expanded. Soon organizations in other cities were asking to host training programs in their own communities. By 1975, The Grantsmanship Center® was conducting more than 100 workshops a year across the country.

Many valuable resources for grantseekers have also been produced by The Grantsmanship Center® (also known as TGCI) throughout its history. Program Planning & Proposal Writing (PP&PW), The Grantsmanship Center’s® proposal writing guide written by Norton J. Kiritz, is the most widely read publication in nonprofit history. There are more than a million copies of PP&PW in print- and scores of government, foundation, and corporate grantmakers have adopted it as their preferred application format. Furthermore, The Grantsmanship Center News,® also called Grantsmanship Center Magazine, has reached over 200,000 nonprofit and government agencies at its peak. These periodicals “paved the way for the journalists who today scrutinize charities and foundations with growing sophistication and skepticism,” according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Archives are now available at the Library of Congress.

Today The Grantsmanship Center® conducts some 150 workshops annually in grantsmanship training, as well as earned income strategies for nonprofits. Each year, thousands of new graduates join our roster of more than 115,000 alumni. Graduates of The Grantsmanship Training Program® also receive a membership package that includes discounts on future trainings for themselves and colleagues, discounts on Grantsmanship Center® publications, access to our exclusive online databases of Government, Foundation and Corporate funding sources, and annual proposal reviews by workshop trainers.

There are also numerous resources for grantseekers available at no cost on These include daily grant announcements from the Federal Register, archives of The Grantsmanship Center Magazine, indexes of funding sources at the local, federal and international levels, and more.

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